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Instagram Management

It should be no point denying that, Instagram is the most popular social media platform in Iran with probably around 20M users. Therefore, we are managing the client’s Instagram accounts, track comments on their posts and monitor content. Also, we are creating and managing related hashtags and responding to direct questions in within 180 minutes from time of contact as well.

Digital Campaign

A digital marketing campaign is an online marketing effort put forward by a company to drive engagement, conversions, traffic, or revenue. The campaign ties in with the overarching goals of the organization and includes one or more digital channels in the efforts. Therefore, our firm by creating ideas and making proper strategies, try to run an efficient digital campaign in order to boost the client’s brand awareness.

Content Strategy

Content is becoming the keyword of any effective marketing plan. The importance of it is even more crucial when it comes to digital marketing that requires more diverse content due to the nature of its media. Formats can take anything from engaging videos, fun games and quizzes over to informative blogs and infographics. We are specialists in content creation which complements the online habits of our client’s target audience.

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