Founded in 2007, Lavan Marketing Agency was primarily established as an in-house marketing agency for Farassoo Group with the ultimate goal of providing a wide range of services to the company’s stakeholders.

Being the marketing arm of Farassoo as the first IT Company of Iran, we have had the opportunity to experience branding and marketing practices firsthand. This history and market know-how gives Lavan Marketing a competitive edge over other agencies in the field of technology and IT.

As a comprehensive provider of all marketing services, Lavan Marketing Agency currently caters to the needs of the domestic market, international companies entering the market, while considering and taking in to account current marketing and advertising trends and directions.

Lavan is a full-service Marketing and Advertising Agency and the first of its kind to mainly focus on Digital Marketing in Iran. We are also active in the MENA region through our office in the UAE and Turkey.

Additionally, Lavan Marketing Agency ensures to provide more successful and creative solutions by focusing mainly on digital tools, products and services using online and offline techniques and tactics.

Reality is that based on the popularity of smartphones and digital platforms such as social media networks, we can state with confidence that digital marketing will have a substantial impact on the marketing plans of companies and organizations in the near future.

Work is more thrill when you are a part of a team and teams get things done more efficiently than lone individuals.

Thus, in terms of team working, Lavan Marketing Ageny claims that our team consists of high skilled people in their tasks which by using the newest methods, try to provide greatest services to various clients.