Loretta Rice’s experience at Lavan

لاوان, 26 آبان 1394

I have been interning at Lavan for over a month now, and have been involved in a number of different activities. Primarily at the beginning I was in charge of contacting potential international clients, to see whether they would like to enter the Iranian market. The main clients I have been trying to recruit are Pay Per Click, Ecommerce, social media and email marketing companies
I have also been following up various leads the company made prior to my arrival, contacting leads through LinkedIn, email and telephone conversations
I have helped out at various stages in several marketing campaigns, and attended the Astellas Launch in Iran. As well as many internal meetings and brainstorming sessions, this I have also attended several external meetings, such as the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and AlCatel. I have edited and translated various documents, including LinkedIn profiles, the iMarketor website and Ecommerce documents

Loretta Rice – Nov 2015

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